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Explore our community’s FAQs for answers to common questions about our mission to support the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Discover how you can get involved, access educational resources, and promote respect and understanding within our diverse South Asian community. Stay informed and join us in creating a better future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia
South Asians for Voice is a community group dedicated to supporting the Indigenous Voice to Parliament in Australia. Our goal is to create a better future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by working with South Asian communities to promote understanding, respect, and hope.
The Indigenous Voice to Parliament is a proposed change to the constitution that means Indigenous Australians will have a formal say in matters that affect them, regardless of the political party in power. It’s important to us because we have moved to their country and want to ensure we are doing the right thing by them.
You can get involved by attending our events, following us on social media, volunteering, and spreading our messages of support. Joining our efforts is a meaningful way to make a positive impact.
No, we are a non-political group. Our focus is on education, awareness, and support for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, and we do not endorse any specific political parties or candidates.
You can contribute by becoming informed, engaging in open discussions, sharing educational content that you found helpful, and simply telling people why you care. We have heard a lot of people in our communities say they just feel it is the right thing to do, but are not easily able to explain why.
Absolutely! We welcome anyone who shares our mission of supporting the Indigenous Voice to Parliament and creating a better future for Indigenous Australians. Please add your name to the pledge page.
The Australian Constitution is the founding document of our nation and source of law in the country. Changing it requires the people of the nation to agree. You are not voting for a political party at the referendum, you are voting individually to update the foundational document of our nation.
Some reasons for Aboriginal people opposing the Voice are that it does not have decision-making authority, that it does not offer sufficient recognition (e.g. Treaty), and that the body may not be truly representative. South Asians for Voice understands that there is opposition. We support the Voice as it was designed by First Nations peoples, is supported by over 80% of that community, and is an important step to make our country stronger. There is more to be done after this.

Can you share a note on how to explain why this is important to my family and friends over WhatsApp?

Hi ….. I’m not sure if you have heard about the upcoming referendum where we will be voting on whether we want to add to the constitution an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. It will give Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples the opportunity to advise the government on issues that concern their community.

The US, Canada and New Zealand all have treaties with their First Nations peoples, recognising them as the first inhabitants of those lands. Australia does not have this, which has played a role in limiting the say Indigenous peoples have over their own country and lives which has played a role in limiting the say Indigenous peoples have in their own lives.To this day Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are not recognised in the Constitution, framed in 1901 when the White Australia Policy was still in effect.

This is an important moment for Australia as a country and I am keen to share information about why I think we should vote yes.

If you want information about why other South Asians are voting yes you can watch this video: www.youtu.be/UJKRFOKGVqM

Also if you want to show your support you can add your name and “Say Yes”, or share a short video at this
www. southasiansforvoice.org

I want to submit a video and would love some cues to help me articulate my thoughts

Of course! Here are some ideas to get you started. 

  • A referendum will be held on October 14
  • Voting Yes will give First Nations Peoples a say on policies and laws that affect them
  • The Voice will improve the lives of First Nations Peoples. And acknowledge them as first inhabitants in our founding document – the Constitution of our country.
  • The Voice was asked for by First Nations Peoples, and 83% of their communities support it
  • The Voice will improve government decision-making 
  • There have been 7 processes and 10 reports to get here
  • As a migrant from [add your homeland], I understand that colonisation and historical events have long-term impacts and want to be part of the change for a fairer society
We also acknowledge that we, and our community members are continually learning about Indigenous peoples and experiences, with room for ongoing growth and development. This website tries to use inclusive, restorative and non-derogatory language. Many of the commonly used words and phrases in different languages may have shortcomings and we hope that no one feels excluded, misrepresented or offended. Please feel free to tell us your feedback about the website and how we could improve it by emailing us at southasiansforvoice@gmail.com
South Asians for Voice acknowledge Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and the continuing connection to lands, waters and communities.
We recognise sovereignty was never ceded. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.
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